30 years of experience working for women…

“The value is in what you share.”
– Ginny Rometti, Entrepreneur and CEO of IBM

APID Torino was founded on 14 July 1989 in Turin, as an initiative of 55 women entrepreneurs belonging to API Torino – an Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Turin and its Province.

For more than 30 years, APID Torino has embodied the needs of businesswomen and women’s SMEs in Turin and its surrounding province..

APID Torino is also a member of the Confapi, a National Confederation, which API Torino belongs to, and is a national member of ConfapiD, the Confapi Women Entrepreneurs Group.

APID Torino is a voluntary, democratic, non-profit, cultural and promotional association for the benefit of its members and third parties, with full respect for the freedom and dignity of its members.


APID Turin is a network and, as such, its component parts are all connected by a single thread: female entrepreneurship. Doing business as women means being aware of your own abilities, putting yourself on the line to give life to a business idea based on female leadership.


APID Torino supports and encourages women entrepreneurs of Turin and its province, of today and tomorrow, through strategic partnerships with national and international bodies and organisations. The objective is achieved through the implementation of a support system for women based on the creation of a network of women for women.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to know what opportunities the area has in store for you, if you have a new business idea or if you are a student or recent graduate, do not hesitate! Get in touch with us, we can give you a hand.

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